Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hall 'artwork'

To replace the 'believe' set I made 'journey' using basic grey paper, some scroll stamps, vellum and words and letters. BB is leaving for Rochester tomorrow, hopefully to return on Thurs. He packed extra stuff in case he gets snowed in. Who goes to Rochester in Feb? It must run in the family, who moves to C-Land in Dec?


Katie said...

Travel safe BB! And for the record, Chicago in December was balmy compared to Chicago in February. It's 2.4 degrees out there this morning and I can't find my slippers.

I love the new hallway artwork. It looks great. But why did you switch it out from BELIEVE? I really liked that one, too.

scrapbaby said...

Believe was like "I believe in Santa Claus"

And Jason tells me all the time that you tricked him to move out there. It hasn't been "balmy" once!

Love you both.