Saturday, February 16, 2008


So as usual, nothing ever goes easily. BB is finally ready to install the sink that has been sitting on the crafting, I mean ping pong table, since last March. I'm so excited I've even cleaned off the edge of my inks and such, so he can work on taking off the old faucets and replacing them with the new faucets, which have also been sitting on the table since March. Why he chooses that moment to measure the sink and the bathroom space, I don't know, but you guessed it the sink is 1/2" too big for the spot. I say cut a hole in the wall and shove it in, he says with that look we all know, are you nuts? Let's go to HD and buy one that fits, we'll sell this one in that ever elusive garage sale. I say sure. We go to HD, new sinks are also 61", too big, We go to L's and the new sinks are 61", too big. The salesman in L's says, cut a hole in the wall and shove it in. BB says, I guess that's what we're going to have to do? Now where did I hear that idea before? Needless to say BB sitting on the couch, contemplating the problem. I'm going to take out my stuff again and contemplate the crafting table.

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Katie said...

Oh mom! Sorry to hear about the sink. You realize, of course, that somehow this is all your fault, right?