Sunday, February 24, 2008


We have finished the K&K weekend. She actually recognized BB, but did proceed to lock him out of the house when he went to put the salt in the water softener. Of course his Sis couldn't get off the chair to let him in, she just kept yelling WHAT? I was at the food store with the car keys which also have the house keys on it, fortunately it was a nice day, sunny and 42 degrees and his SIS finally unlocked the door. Am trying to enjoy the last couple of hours of the weekend before I do the W3's and the payroll for next week. Got lots of cards to make for March birthdays, one down and 5 to go.

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Katie said...

I saw "the eldest's" comment. You know, big brother, I think it's only fair that you join in the blogging if you're going to make fun of us. Why don't you and the Mrs sign up?