Saturday, January 24, 2009


the newest vice president at PM. We are very proud of him and I feel it's about time his hard work was recogninzed. Notice the star candles representing his stellar qualitites. Gma made the sign and we all went out to celebrate at SpringHouse Tavern. I had a Bailey's to toast. No I wasn't drunk. I'll forward the announcement they sent nationwide to all PM employees. They also had a cake and ice cream party at PM for him. Everyone there is really happy and told him it was well deserved.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is cut from the wild card cartridge Santa brought me. It is the "swoop" so it is not a rectangle but one of those geometric shapes, I think it's a rhombus. I sewed (yes with a sewing machine) (you should be proud of me) to make a pocket. Then I cut a scalloped oval and a classic oval from the same double sided paper and sprayed it with that pearl ex and water mixture so it does sparkle, just a little. I cut flower 4 from Cricut Home Accents Cartridge and a shadow and mounted everything with foam tape. The envelope is cut from same wild card cartridge so it is the same shape. Someday I'll learn how to use the camera properly. Stay warm and cozy. Love you!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009


It"s very cold here, so I can't imagine what C-Town must be going through. Stay warm and safe!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday - post 2

I figured I'd better post the pictures before I get busy with house cleaning. Top is small book made from corrugated sheet that they pack in the invoices at work so they don't shift. Just applied ink DTP. Tag is made from my justrite monogram. Next is made by stamping background and coloring in with markers. Last is for U Dave. Again justrite stampers. Love those stamps.

Not snowed in, but

I didn't feel like going out. Did the mandatory Aunt K visit, then home to work on w2's and play with a little book for Ken's granddaughter. I'll post some stuff I made later after I download the camera. Took the tree down too, miss it. It was especially pretty this year I thought. I know J&K and J&H were locked away at home, good place to be after the hectic holidays and the travelling. Love you guys!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh one more

I sent this to Uncle R who retired from teaching. It's a real little book with sewn signature pages and everything. I only glued down the spine, I hope it made it through the mail. I used my new JustRite stampers to make the sentiment. Very cool! Thank you all for the gift.
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I'm a terrible blogger, mea culpa. I'm sitting (without falling asleep) for the first time in a while. Tomorrow is 'take down the decorations day'. Don't mind putting everything away except the tree. It really is pretty this year, but I don't think BB is going to let me put away everything but the tree. "Afer all C.... everything is stacked a specific way downstairs and I'm not about to pull it all out again to put the tree stuff away!!!" I understand. I have managed in the last week to lick my wounds (I'm alone again) and get ahead on Jan. cards. For example:
This is a thank you note for Ken who gve me a gift cert to Michael's. A lot of white space for me, don't you think JBL? Are you proud?
And this is another attempt at an acetate card, this time for my friend Carol. I did manage to place the squares a little more evenly than on the last card I made.
Have a nice evening, love you all.