Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm a terrible blogger, mea culpa. I'm sitting (without falling asleep) for the first time in a while. Tomorrow is 'take down the decorations day'. Don't mind putting everything away except the tree. It really is pretty this year, but I don't think BB is going to let me put away everything but the tree. "Afer all C.... everything is stacked a specific way downstairs and I'm not about to pull it all out again to put the tree stuff away!!!" I understand. I have managed in the last week to lick my wounds (I'm alone again) and get ahead on Jan. cards. For example:
This is a thank you note for Ken who gve me a gift cert to Michael's. A lot of white space for me, don't you think JBL? Are you proud?
And this is another attempt at an acetate card, this time for my friend Carol. I did manage to place the squares a little more evenly than on the last card I made.
Have a nice evening, love you all.

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