Saturday, January 24, 2009


the newest vice president at PM. We are very proud of him and I feel it's about time his hard work was recogninzed. Notice the star candles representing his stellar qualitites. Gma made the sign and we all went out to celebrate at SpringHouse Tavern. I had a Bailey's to toast. No I wasn't drunk. I'll forward the announcement they sent nationwide to all PM employees. They also had a cake and ice cream party at PM for him. Everyone there is really happy and told him it was well deserved.


scrapbaby said...

Haha, we're so proud of your POP!

Katie said...

Congratulations to Papa Bear! We are both so proud of him. :-)

And consequently - I believe you when you say that you weren't drunk. It must have been the curb that had too much to drink when it jumped out from under you.

Please give Dad a big hug from us in C-town.