Saturday, July 26, 2008


Gma sends these pictures to KJL. There are 12 tomatoes on the plant. Very exciting!!!! Another interesting week in our lives... I feel like no one will want to talk to me any more because I just tell bad news!!!! Hopefully that will change soon. The top is a picture of the gift I sent to A in NY for her birthday. Put a little outfit inside. Have errands to run today, cards to make, and bushes to trim. M's has cricut cartridges for $40 starting tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to stop in. Hope you all have a good day, love you and miss you!!!!!


scrapbaby said...

Very cute mama! And way to go on the tomatoes, G!

Katie said...

Impressive tomatoes! They look delicious. And we still love to talk to you. I just have the unfortunate habit of timing my calls perfectly with your dinner.