Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know, I know

I've been a very , very bad blogger..... I really do have some stuff to post but it's on the laptop and I'm not near that right now. Congratulations to JML for his new position. We're happy for you! Good luck to JBL, starts working live on Tues. We know you will do well. Went to C&C's wedding yesterday. It was a very big expensive party. BB and I did get to dance to Color My World on the same dance floor 34 years later. Today was a funeral back in NJ. Saw the BB family. BB was just about done an hour into the service. He decided we didn't need to stay for lunch. Big Brother starts tonight, now don't all boo at once. Gma likes it and it will give us a reason to spend quality time in front of the tv. Thanks to all those family members who checked in. Those few minutes on the phone make her smile. Got to write the payroll before 8PM or I will be paged. Love all you guys and gals!!!

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