Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Morning

Made it through yesterday. Had a nice surprise, B&K stopped over. They went to the Joseph Ambler Inn for their 1 year anniversary (B will be in Pitttsburgh Monday) and stopped on the way home. K told us that she is officially changing her name to L. BB wants to charge her for the name franchise. He said the free introductory offer had run out since she didn't change it last year and now wants a commission. My biggest problem is that I will now have 2 D-DIL that have the same initials, woe is me!!!! I have decided to clarify to whom I am referring I will have to use 3 initials. KJL will be the K who is married to J, and KML will be the K who is married to B. I'm so FULL of good ideas!!!! Today is a nice day, off to the shower for RP with my DD.
Love you guys!!!!

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