Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1

OK, so this time I really can say on Sunday night, IDLM. It is not only Monday, but end of month Monday. BB has made it to Denver safely, just called. Said last half hour was rock and roll. He's due in Orange County at 7:21 CA time. That makes it 10 our time. Long wasted day. He'll have fun at the conference if he can let go if the K&K show long enough. I'm expecting they'll tranfer K from the rehab to Silverstream probably Tuesday. BB won't be home until Wed at midnight. Guess who has to go and settle her in. I just hope everything goes as smoothly as possible fo her sake. BB doesn't need to feel any more pressure than he does already. I did take pictures of a pretty flower outside and Gma's bedroom. No creative endeavors.

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