Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Sunday!

At least it is only a 4 day week, although 1/3 of next weekend will be spent going food shopping in NJ. Woke up with a headache, couldn't be the caipirinha or the cachaca. I really didn't feel any effects although I was very thirsty! I still worked in the yard, creating a new bed, made lunch, went to Lowes to buy sod and plants, took Gma food shopping, took advantage of a sale at ACMoore, went to Ulta, fed Bailey, cooked dinner, cleaned the stove, put away the pots, and now I'm going to write the payroll. I need to go to work tomorrow so I can rest! Anyway I do have a couple of new cards to post. Top is for an aunt in FLA and the sets are for E&J in NJ. I made the same cards in opposite colors and then created a crayon box to put the note cards in. E's box is the other side of the double sided paper. Very little girly!
PS - I would like to congratulate my DD - J on another sure sign of adulthood, a car payment! Really nice ride!


Katie said...

Very cute - I love the note cards! I'm such a slacker - I haven't done anything worth posted. know what I mean. ;-)

scrapbaby said...

These are so cute, Mama!!!! Totally in love with the notecards. They are just so happy!