Monday, May 25, 2009

Yes, I've been remiss

Now that we're back from C-land, here-to-fore to be referred to as V-land I'm hoping to find time to post. I've really been pumping out some projects, but I haven't posted any. I will do that soon, I promise! Had a great week once we got there and miss J&K&I already. House is beautiful and on the way to becoming home. Today we went to D-town (B&K) and visited the new house there. Their plans are to move in late July so they have many projects in the works. Time will be the challenge since B is away for 4 days a week, but I know they will 'figure it out'. Ugh, work tomorrow. Let's hope the Kampers didn't blow anything up! Love u guys!


scrapbaby said...

You didn't post about me because you haven't seen me :(

Chris said...

Yes, and I miss you very much!