Sunday, September 14, 2008

Had a great day

at B&K's for dinner. Chicken parsipanny, risotto, corn and steamed broccoli. Very tasty! We celebrated his birthday a little early, but they have plans to be in C-town for training and visiting J&K. It's been really a good month, great news for JML, KJL still happy with her work, BL and KML both got good news at work, and JBL is happy at work and home! A mom can't ask for more. My house is getting back together slowly but surely. Love the cabinets! Will post the after pictures when I finish putting it back together. I had to make a card for Uncle Ray. Used Cricut Design Studio to make a lace of numbers, a lot cheaper than buying the laser die cut. Inside it says 'pick a number and stick with it.' Stamped the back of the envelope with number, just a little preview. Have a great week, love you all!

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scrapbaby said...

Very cute mama! I'll be doing something similiar with the Uline scrapbook.