Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Night

Had a really busy day, cleaned the house, went to NJ, food shopped for company tomorrow, and believe it not, I straightened the basement. Yes I can see the ping pong table. Congratulations to my grandpuppy and her parents. We have a puppy school graduate! You should be so proud!!!! Let's see how spoiled she gets after her surgery on Monday.....
I used paper dolls cartridge to create our little Indy Anna. Unfortunately it has a boyish look, but you can see how pretty our little girl is. Got to bake brownies, pound chicken for Parsipanny, and cut vegetables and potatoes tomorrow morning. We be getting up early, AGAIN. Are you addicted to the Olympics too?

1 comment:

scrapbaby said...

The paper doll is just too funny!

Speaking of, I have to ask...did J and K send you a "birth announcement" when they got Indy? Or are they pulling my leg?

Glad you got the basement straightened....have fun today and give my love to the visitors!