Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tired but happy

Had a lot of fun today, missed our other partner in crime. Skinny Cow was not good this time, but it was free and I was hungry. Haven't even made it down to the basement and look at my stash yet. I like to register each new stamp I buy. Sometimes it's just fun to look at that alligator clipped computer paper book. I love the new stuff by Tim Holtz. It's so distressed and odd, the style just appeals to me. (Could use the same adjectives to describe me). I just made the new family favorite ice cream cake for dessert tomorrow. In trying to fatten Gma I must have put on 10 pounds. Thank you to my kids for the cards. I miss you a lot.
PS How about encouraging my DS-JL to start his own blog. I'd love to read what's going on in his mind, it's always interesting and funny.

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