Monday, April 14, 2008

To clarify...

The dark pink layer shows behind the light pink layer and the printed cardstock layer. It not only borders it at the top and bottom, but when the book is open the front two layers stand away from the pink layer and you can see the whole dark pink page. Should I stamp the dark pink layer with a versamark ink and a background stamp, or will it be too much? You know I have a hard time with blank space. Is that clearer than mud?


scrapbaby said...

Versamark with little itty baby tiny polkadots. If you don't have little itty baby tiny polkadots--then do nothing.


This is a cute book, M.

Katie said...

Oops. Well, I think you do have tiny little polka dots, don't you? I think we both got them from a stamp show awhile back. But I don't think it really needs anything.