Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now I can share

K got her birthday card today, so I can share what I've been working on. Top card is for Big AL, gray is for Glenn, red & black is for Tam and quilled is for my DDIL. Still have Tay and G-MA to go.
I made the arrows using DS. It is a triangle and the letter C welded together.

This is a gate fold. The left side has a semi-circle cut out so the circle on the right side fits inside. The ribbon goes around the back to keep it closed

The flower has a stamped birthday quote and then painted with a silver glaze. The embossing is sanded so the white core shows through.

The flower is quilled and layered on torn vellum. The bg is embossed and little flowers and beads glued on. I hope it made it intact to C-Land.
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scrapbaby said...

Do I see some INKED EDGES on K's card? Welcome to my world, Mother dear.

Chris said...

Yes, I am always open to new worlds.

Katie said...

Thanks for the Cricut tips! I am going to try the t-shirt tip tonight after I finish up work. I was also wondering how you did the gate fold card with the semi circle cut out? Very nifty.